Advertisers Frequently Asked Questions

The Town Crier provides great local advertising opportunities! Here are some of our FAQ’s:



Is The Town Crier locally owned?

Yes. The Town Crier is a charitable project Thetford based, belonging to Inspire Focus, (Charity N. 1175055).  Inspire Focus provides youth career mentoring, with various projects within East Anglia.  



Ads Size


What size are the Ads in The Town Crier?

Ad sizes are standard in all of the publications. 3″ x 2″ is the standard size (similar to the size of a business card), you can obtain more than one ad per publication.  Since we are a one-page publication, all ads appear on the front or back of the publication but never buried in the middle! Advertising in The Town Crier works!  





What are the benefits of having an exclusive Ad in The Town Crier?

The Town Crier provides exclusivity which means that you will be the only business of your type in the publication. Only one real estate agent, one plumber, one Insurance Agent, etc. may advertise at the same time. This allows you to stand out from your competition and gain greater exposure in the local community.



How Much

How much is a The Town Crier Ad?

​The cost to advertise in The Town Crier is very affordable and varies by market, edition, length of run, etc. Contact us for a quote today, or check out our current pricing page here.



How Long


How Long Can I Advertise For?

Typical ad terms are renewable monthly, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month commitments to maximise exposure and effectiveness.  The ad space(s) will be allocated on a first come first serve basis upon full payment confirmation.  Subsequent interested businesses will be placed on a waiting list by order of request in each business category.




design brush.png

Can you design my The Town Crier Ad?

Yes! The Town Crier publisher will work with you and our design team to develop a targeted and responsive ad concept that will generate results for you and your brand. However, if you have your own ad designed, we can use that as well!


Change Ad

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Can I change my Ad at any time?

Yes! The Town Crier is a monthly publication, which provides you the benefit of changing your message, promotions and other offerings on a regular basis.  Just get in touch with us and Our team will be ready to assist you.