About Us

     The Town Crier is a fun monthly publication distributed free to restaurants, coffee shops, and other waiting areas providing a quick read while waiting for food or service. The light-hearted, family-friendly content in The Town Crier consists of unusual stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, local events, local positive news and more, and appeals to people of all ages. Guaranteed to make you smile, The Town Crier is a refreshing alternative to the hard news of today.  The full publication has been carefully elaborated, from the pastel paper colour and font, all the details have been calculated to be dyslexia friendly and easy to read for those with eyesight difficulties. Businesses profit from advertising in The Town Crier because it provides an affordable, effective and exclusive print advertising vehicle for building top-of-mind awareness in the local community. It’s about locals buying local!


People – Connecting communities one neighborhood at a time.

Opportunity – Sustaining affordable options and flexible lifestyles.

Tradition – Preserve the essence and core of our brand.

Passion – Belief fueled by enthusiasm drives success.

Responsibility – Commit and take ownership.

Empowering - We empower and career mentor young people by providing training and experience whilst creating

The Town Crier.


Our Success derives from the following:

  • We are committed and work hard to expose your business

  • We are skilled in sales

  • We are Active Networkers

  • We follow through and follow up

  • We are passionate, goal-oriented and motivated to succeed

  • We have a genuine interest in helping others and our community

  • We believe in our format

  • We study our craft

  • Go above and beyond to help others